Annual Report 2020
Synergy effect
Cooperation with stevedoring and freight forwarding assets of Delo Group enhances our opportunities on land and at sea
Europe — Asia
Building efficient routes and convenient services in the Eurasian space
Intelligent container terminal
Full automation of container handling processes
Effective solutions
Information and analytical support for making management decisions
Record high container transportation volume:
2,405 thousand TEUs
(+17.3% year-on-year)
Absolute record high revenue-generating transportation over the year:
1,946 thousand TEUs
(+16.2% year-on-year)
Revenue in 2020
103,497.0 RUB mln
(+20,1% year-on-year)
EBITDA in 2020
22,645.0 RUB mln
(+13,3 % year-on-year)
TransContainer today
Message from the Chairman of the Board of Directors
Sergey Shishkarev
Chairman of the Board of Directors PJSC TransContainer

The acquisition of 100% of TransContainer not only formally strengthened the Group, but also raised it to a completely different qualitative level, thus allowing it to claim the leadership role in the industry at least at the federal level. Even in the former composition, the right blend of assets within the Group gave high synergy expectations. And the acquisition of TransContainer has greatly contributed to this potential. This effect did not manifest itself automatically. It required painstaking work, creating new and changing old organisational ties. Looking at the Company’s operating numbers for 2020, we can be cautiously optimistic that this has been a success.

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Sergey Shishkarev
Message from the President
Alexandrs Isurins
President of TransContainer

Working in a dynamic market, we grew at a faster pace — the transportation volume of TransContainer increased by 17.3% year-on-year to 2,405 thousand TEUs. This is an absolute record that we are proud of. The success of operating activities contributed to the financial growth — our revenue for the first time exceeded RUB 100 billion, increased by 20.1% year-on-year. Net profit grew by 7.7% and amounted to RUB 12,659,000, EBITDA increased by 13.3% and reached RUB 22,645,000. Also in the past year, we achieved record levels of revenue-generating transportation volume, operational efficiency and labour productivity, we streamlined the rolling stock management and introduced several new technologies and business solutions.

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Alexandrs Isurins