Social Activities

PJSC TransContainer is involved in the charity activities to support vulnerable social groups and improve the living standards in general.

Charity System Management

Key elements of this charitable programme include:

  • focus on long-term projects;
  • targeting of assistance;
  • transparency;
  • monitoring the targeted use of aid funds;
  • cooperation with authorities, businesses and charitable non-profit organisations.

Focus areas for the charity support provision:

  • assistance for children;
  • sports and healthy lifestyle promotion;
  • preservation of Russia’s cultural heritage;
  • aid to victims of emergencies;
  • support to the employees and their families.

In 2020, expenses for charitable activities amounted to RUB 292.5 MLN, including the following areas of assistance.

Charitable Expenses in 2020
Charity area Description an area for the charity support provision Amount (RUB mln)
Industry charitable programmes Charity events together with the Company’s shareholders 54.2
Sports support Support of sports non-commercial organisations 177.0
Employees support Providing charitable assistance to employees raising children with disabilities; for expensive treatment for them and their family members; assisting the veterans of the Great Patriotic War 6.3
Implementation of the TransContainer for Children charitable programme Providing charitable assistance for the treatment of children to individuals, children social and medical institutions, children sports schools, for treatment of children through charitable foundations 55.0
Total 292.5

Key Projects in 2020
Project Amount (RUB mln)
Charitable assistance for the development of the travel and recreational cluster in Kronstadt, “Land of Forts” 31.8
Donation for the purchase of individual protective equipment for the employees of the Federal State Budgetary Institution “National Medical Research Center of Surgery named after A. Vishnevsky” 5.0
Helping the Autonomous Non-profit Organisation “Capital Handball Development Centre” to realize the goals and objectives of promoting sport 177.0
Charitable assistance to the State Budgetary Institution of Moscow “Stanislavski and Nemirovich-Danchenko Moscow Academic Music Theatre” to implement the planned projects aimed at preserving and developing Russia's cultural heritage 16.5
Providing charitable assistance to the Company's employees, their families, unemployed pensioners, veterans of the Great Patriotic War and workers of the home front 6.3
Implementation of the TransContainer for Children charitable programme 55.0

TransContainer for Children

In line with the long-term targeted charitable programme TransContainer for Children, the Company provides sponsorship to children’s social and healthcare institutions, sports schools and clubs, and supports physically disabled children with serious health problems.

The programme was launched in 2015, and RUB 200 mln were allocated for the implementation of the programme’s projects.

Key Lines of the Programme:

  • education, science, culture, art, spiritual development;
  • patriotic and moral education among children and young people;
  • preventative measures and protection of children’s health;
  • promoting children’s healthy lifestyle, physical education and sports;
  • providing social rehabilitation assistance to orphans, disabled and disadvantaged children, and children without parental care.


Since 2020, TransContainer has been a sponsor of CSKA men’s and women’s handball clubs. For many years, there were no professional handball clubs in Moscow, and thanks to the initiative and support of Delo Group, handball returned to the capital in 2018-2019. Now the clubs successfully conduct in the Russian arena taking leading positions in the national championship and representing Russia in the main European competitions. In the 2020/2021 season, the CSKA women’s handball club participates for the first time in the most prestigious club tournament in Europe – DELO EHF Champions League, where it shows excellent results. CSKA players in the national teams represent our country at the World, European and Olympic Games.

Sponsorship contributes to the development and promotion of handball and sports in Russia, and a healthy lifestyle in general. Employees of the Company can attend CSKA home matches for free.


«Team sport is the perfect embodiment of collaboration, which is vital not only in sports, but also in business. Handball is a beautiful, dynamic and promising sport. Our shareholders pay great attention to its development, and we decided to support them in this. We believe that the prospects of this sport in our country will only improve, we hope that with our help.»
President of TransContainer A. Isurins
«We have always focused on the development of sports – children’s and professional. Team spirit is one of the core values of our corporate culture. Since 2015, Delo Group has been supporting handball. During this time we managed to restore the audience’s interest in this wonderful sport. Handball is back on TV screens, and judging by the ratings, the audience is expanding. The creation of the CSKA women’s and men’s clubs in Moscow is a great achievement: we have revived handball in the capital with a great potential for development. We appreciate the strong performance of our teams in the Russian and international competitions. Each member of the Group contributes to the overall victories.»
Chairman of the Board of Directors of TransContainer S. Shishkarev