Recruitment Policy

The main task of recruitment is the timely and proper staffing of the Company’s departments. PJSC TransContainer carefully approaches the selection of candidates using various methods to assess their competence: tests of professional knowledge, tests of skills and potential, motivation questionnaires, interviews with experts. The system of search, recruitment and selection of candidates for work at TransContainer is controlled by local regulations.

When recruiting staff, the Company uses an official website, a corporate portal, specialised recruitment websites in the internet, media, social networks, recruitment agencies.

The heads of divisions take an active part in the professional assessment of candidates and HR decisions making. At HR selection, preference is given to internal candidates, employees included in the talent pool. Thus, the Company expands the career opportunities for the employees.

In 2020, the process of recruitment and hiring was automated, which allowed to switch to electronic paperwork and reduce the terms of the agreement by 1.5 times.

Closed vacancies including internal re-appointments in 2020:

  • in the executive office – 150 vacancies;
  • in the branches – 210 vacancies.

A total of 360 vacancies were closed by the Company, 60% of them were closed by external candidates and 40% - by internal ones.

Breakdown of vacancies closed in 2020 by category (%):
Breakdown of vacancies closed in 2020 by category