Trade Union Organisations

Almost all (96%) of the Company’s employees are members of the primary trade union organisation under the Russian Trade Union of Railway Workers and Transport Builders (ROSPROFZHEL).

It defends interests of the employees at signing the Collective Agreement and monitors its implementation, liaises with the employer on matters related to workplace discipline, work and rest regime, health, safety and working conditions, increase in real wages, social guarantees provided to employees, their families and unemployed pensioners. The relationship with the employer is based on the principle of social partnership.

The social guarantees that are provided to the staff are an instrument to ensure the efficiency of the Company’s work. Every year, the results of the implementation of the Collective Agreement of PJSC TransContainer and the Industry Agreement on rail transport organisations are summed up. In 2020, there were no conflicts over labour obligations and breaches of pay terms.

In 2020, in conditions of remote work, with the active support of the trade union organisation and the management of PJSC TransContainer, the Company held a number of events in online format:

  • Corporate event – intellectual game «TC-QUIZ» with participation of employees of the branches and executive office, more than 1000 employees were involved;
  • TransContainer’s drawings competition for employees’ children for the 75th anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War;
  • Actions «Immortal Regiment» and «Kind Doctor Aibolit»;
  • Photo contest «On a distance» and creative competition «Our talents».

In 2020, the tradition of organising New Year parties for children of employees, events for the International Children’s Day, Knowledge Day and giving gifts to first-graders was also continued in the online format.

At the expense of the trade union budget, employees of the Company have the opportunity to receive compensation for the payment of sports clubs or the opportunity to hold sports events (rent of gyms, playgrounds, lanes in swimming pools). The trade union organisation also provides social support for the registration of marriage and the birth of children.

At the request of the trade union organisation, as part of the charity activities, in 2020, the Company provided assistance to families raising disabled children and multi-child families.