Training and Professional Development



TransContainer Academy is a modern unified HR platform for adaptation, training and development of employees. Its main goal is to improve the efficiency of the Company’s activities through the creation of a system of continuous training, assessment and development of the staff.

The main task of the TransContainer Academy is to involve managers in the development of their subordinates, and to motivate the subordinates themselves to achieve a common result. A big step within this task was the development of the school of internal coaches. Within the school, the Company selected internal experts and trainers able to provide training of any complexity for the employees of the Company, i. e. to give them functional knowledge and form necessary skills for the work, as well as to inform about the corporate rules adopted in the Company, methods of work and the instruments used.

Internal trainers and experts from among experienced employees and functional managers are actively involved in the creation of a corporate knowledge base. All distance courses in 2020 were developed by means of the Company’s own resources. They reflect the needs and specifics of the business as much as possible.

Electronic courses library of the TransContainer Academy has more than 50 courses in various fields: professional subjects, software, management and personal efficiency. 2020 the TransContainer Academy launched new courses that were completed by more than 500 people.

On the TransContainer Academy platform, employees can undergo professional testing and assess their level of competencies.

In 2020, more than 30 professional tests have been developed, updated and placed:
  • tests by profession (rolling stock repair mechanic, crane driver, forklift driver and other working specialties);
  • health and safety tests;
  • tests on knowledge of business process regulations;
  • tests on topic «Services and service procedures of PJSC TransContainer».

Tests can identify bottlenecks in the knowledge of employees and allow to arrange required training and development programmes. In total, more than 1.9 thousand employees have been tested on professional competences in 2020.

External Training, Advanced Training and Retraining

In order to improve the level of professional competence and development of the personal and business qualities of employees, the focus of PJSC TransContainer is on the issues of professional development and systematic updating of the knowledge and skills of the employees at external events – trainings, seminars, specialised conferences. In 2020, 2,375 people upgraded their qualification and participated in external information and consultation activities.

Distribution of Budget Funds in 2020 for Training and Development in the Areas
Training area % of the total budget for training Quality of trained employees
Advanced training and development training 23.91 163
Obligatory training 72.44 2,212
Receiving the second higher education by employees of the Company, higher education in specialised universities for students 3.65 3

Total training hours (h)
Employee category 2018 2019 2020
Managers 30,514 37,953 37,282
Specialists 19,597 19,513 18,384
Workers 36,283 51,515 24,082
Male 55,835 79,012 50,520
Female 30,603 29,985 29,228
Total 86,438 108,997 82,370

Average number of training hours per one employee per year GRI 404–1
Employee category 2018 2019 2020
Managers 53.88 57.43 42.08
Specialists + workers 41.96 51.93 38.82
Male 59.16 66.50 43.61
Female 48.56 57.16 36.29
Total 53.87 61.88 45.13

Investments in the training and development of employees (RUB, thousand)
2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2020/2019 (%)
14,223 24,306 20,920 49,478 6,393 12.92

Staff Assessment

The main goals and objectives of assessing the capacity and professional competencies of employees remain important for maintaining the staffing HR potential of the Company and improving standards of work. The results of the assessment are used for decisions on appointment, displacement of employees, effective planning of training and development activities.

In 2020:
  • more than 70 employees were assessed in terms of their leadership and management potential by the method of testing at the formation of the HR reserve. Strengths and development zones have been identified, individual development plans have been formed and recommendations for competence development have been made on the basis of the assessment results;
  • at hiring/appointment, the procedure of assessing corporate and professional competences by experts/managers has been carried out – more than 100 candidates have been assessed for compliance with the profile of the position;
  • tests are being set up for internal re-appointments to new positions to assess professional competence. More than 100 tests have been automated.
For example, the following courses are prescribed for a new Call centre employee with mandatory testing:
  • client-oriented approach;
  • service standards and appeal processing systems;
  • services and service procedures.

The managers of a new employee include courses and tests in adaptation plans.

1,974 thousand employees have been tested on professional competences in 2020.