Corporate Responsibility

Cooperation with Stakeholders

Shareholders and Investors
Cooperation principles Cooperation forms Main lines of cooperation /
key events of 2020
  • Respect for rights and legitimate interests of the shareholders
  • Trust between shareholders and the Company in the relationship related to the management of the Company
  • Timely disclosure of full and reliable information about the Company, including its financial state, economic performance, ownership and management structure, in order to ensure reasonable decisions made by the shareholders
  • Equal conditions for all shareholders – owners of shares of one category (type), including minority shareholders and foreign shareholders, and equal treatment of them by the Company, particularly, at execution of their rights to participate in management of the Company and receive dividends
  • Effective use of the Company’s assets aimed at increasing the value of securities and raising the investment attractiveness of the Company
  • Ensuring a reliable and effective way to account for share rights, as well as possibility of free and unhindered disposal of shares
  • Meetings and presentations
  • Conference calls, video calls
  • Annual general meetings of shareholders and obligatory statements
  • Hotline for shareholders
  • Official correspondence, telephone conversations
  • Press releases, reports as part of mandatory disclosure
  • Official website of the Company
  • Independent Directors providing protection of the interests of the shareholders in the Board of Directors
  • On 10 April 2020, LLC Delo-Center acquired the right to execute 13,844,902 ordinary registered uncertified shares of the PJSC TransContainer, representing 99.641045% of the issuer’s share capital, as part of the implementation of the mandatory offer to purchase the issue-grade securities, which was submitted to the Company on 15 January 2020
  • On 12 August 2020, LLC Delo Center repurchased the Company’s securities in accordance with the Article 84.8 of the Federal Law of the Russian Federation On Joint-Stock Companies No. 208-FZ dated 26 December 1995 by buying 0.358955% of the shares from minority shareholders, thereby increasing its shareholding in the Company from 99.641045 to 100%. The value of one share was RUB 8,679.52
  • Publication of 158 reports as part of mandatory disclosure of information in the Russian Federation through the Interfax Corporate Disclosure Centre
  • Publication of 11 press releases through the UK regulator’s state information serviceTo 29 September 2020. Termination of the GDR programme of The Bank of New York Mellon – the depositor of the GDR programme.
  • On 29 September 2020, the procedure of GDR delisting for shares of the Company from the London Stock Exchange was completed

PJSC TransContainer strives to achieve long-term sustainable business profitability based on a balance between its economic and social interests. The Company is interested in building constructive relations with all its stakeholders.

Business partners (suppliers, customers and other counterparties)
Cooperation principles Cooperation forms Main lines of cooperation /
key events of 2020
  • Honesty and decency in business dealings with clients and partners are the foundation for building long-term relationships. By respecting this principle, the Company maintains a positive reputation and creates a favourable environment for development of relationships with clients and partners, thus creating a strong and mutually beneficial conditions for cooperation
  • Aware of personal responsibility for the quality of services provided, the Company aims to provide each client with a high level of service and individual approach
  • Compliance with contractual obligations and respect for the interests of clients and partners. The Company respects the interests of the clients and partners and strives to establish constructive cooperation
  • Regular client satisfaction surveys
  • 24-hour continuous client support by the Company’s call centre
  • Online consultations on the Company’s website and online meetings with clients
  • Client support directly on-site when implementing a service
  • Personal accounts for clients on iSales service
  • Feedback forms on the Company’s website and iSales online service
  • Correspondence via email
  • Telephone conversations
  • Meetings via video conferences
  • Activities that promote geography of transport solutions that meet the needs of users
  • Client support and provision of all available land routes in the face of changing sea lanes caused by the coronavirus pandemic and the imposition of necessary restrictions
  • Implementation and development of electronic paperwork between the Company and clients to optimise the operating expenses of both parties
  • Launching and supporting transport solutions aimed at containerising of industrial client manufactures and those supporting their entry into international markets
  • Active involvement of container equipment and flatcars of third-party owners
  • Negotiations were held with a number of Russian companies and cooperation was established in terms of providing containers. As a result of successful negotiations together with China Railway Container Transport and Chinese-Russian Rail-Container International Freight Forwarding (Beijing) Co., Ltd., the Company actively used Chinese containers with TBJU prefix in its shipments
  • Subsidies were provided across China to send container trains through the land border crossings of Zabaikalsk and Erlian, which has resulted in a significant increase in the volume of the Company’s transportation through these border crossings in 2020
  • Changes have been made to the TransContainer’s Regulation on Procurement providing an option of entering into contracts with co-executives for transportation and forwarding services without competitive procedures, that has resulted in expanded list of co-executives providing services to PJSC TransContainer in third countries and the Russian Federation, as well as improved quality of the service provided

Cooperation principles Cooperation forms Main lines of cooperation /
key events of 2020
  • The Company respects its competitors and executes its activity standing by principles of fair and conscientious competition. In case of disagreements and disputes with competitors, the Company always seeks to find an acceptable solution for both sides. Disputes, for which no agreement has been reached, are resolved in accordance with applicable law of the Russian Federation
  • The Company does not accept actions (inactions) that could potentially lead to violation of the Russian Federation competition law, including unfair competition, restriction of competition and abuse of dominant position in the market by discrediting, misleading, mis-comparison, illegal use of exclusive rights over the means of differentiation, as well as the results of intellectual activity, confusion acts, illegal receipt, use, disclosure of commercial or any other information being confidential and protected by law, concerted actions
  • Official website of the Company
  • Public reporting of the Company
  • Publication of statements on container transportation market on the TransContainer’s website
  • Review of competitors, market analysis
  • Competitor news monitoring: forecasts, plans, and news on new projects, container trains
  • Analysis, comparison of competitors’ tariff rates with TransContainer’s ones in certain directions, routes

State and municipal authorities
Cooperation principles Cooperation forms Main lines of cooperation /
key events of 2020
  • Building and maintaining constructive relations with state (municipal) structures in accordance with the requirements of the applicable laws of the Russian Federation
  • Compliance with the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation, the regulations of international and foreign legislation and municipal regulations directly related to the Company’s activities
  • The Company is committed to paying federal, regional and local taxes in a timely manner
  • The Company excludes the possibility of undue influence on decision-making by the state and/or local authorities in the interests of the Company
  • The Company does not participate in political movements or organisations. The Company discloses information on its activities in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation, rules of the stock exchanges, Charter and internal documents of the Company
  • Participation in public-private partnership projects
  • Participation in intergovernmental commission meetings
  • Responding to state authority requests
  • Participation in meetings of profession-oriented associations
  • Execution of standard-setting initiatives to organise container transportation
  • Signing of agreements with the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation by the Government of the Sverdlovsk Region and the Russian Railways on cooperation in the implementation of the federal project “Transport and Logistics Centres” in the region, which is part of the Comprehensive Plan for the modernization and expansion of trunk infrastructure for the period up to 2024 approved by the Government of the Russian Federation
  • Signing of an agreement with the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation by the Government of the Novosibirsk Region, the Russian Railways and Novosibirsk Transport Terminal on cooperation in the implementation of the project “Transport and Logistics Centres” in the region, which is part of the Comprehensive Plan for the modernization and expansion of trunk infrastructure for the period up to 2024 approved by the Government of the Russian Federation
  • Participation in the XIV Meeting of the Subcommission for Customs Cooperation of the Russian-Chinese Commission for the preparation of regular meetings between heads of governments

Social environment
Cooperation principles Cooperation forms Main lines of cooperation /
key events of 2020
  • The Company strictly adheres to the principles of social responsibility, which are creation of new jobs, sponsorship and charitable activities, educational actions, etc
  • The Company is deeply engaged in charitable activities
  • Forms of cooperation with employees:
  • сollective agreements;
  • staff development programmes;
  • surveys among employees;
  • meetings with managers
  • Forms of cooperation with social institutions:
  • conducting negotiations;
  • signing agreements;
  • collecting reports
  • Implementation of charitable programmes:
  • children support;
  • help to the Company’s employees in terms of expensive treatment of and their families;
  • aid to victims of emergencies;
  • promoting physical education and sports;
  • promoting education, science, culture, arts and spiritual development;
  • support for industry-wide charitable programmes of national importance
  • Charitable assistance for the development of the travel and recreational cluster in Kronstadt, “Land of Forts”
  • Donation for the purchase of individual protective equipment for the employees of the Federal State Budgetary Institution “National Medical Research Center of Surgery named after A. Vishnevsky”
  • Helping the Autonomous Non-profit Organization “Capital Handball Development Centre” to realize the goals and objectives of promoting sport
  • Charitable assistance to the State Budgetary Institution of Moscow “Stanislavski and Nemirovich-Danchenko Moscow Academic Music Theatre” to implement the planned projects aimed at preserving and developing Russia’s cultural heritage
  • Providing charitable assistance to the Company’s employees, their families, unemployed pensioners, veterans of the Great Patriotic War and workers of the home front
  • Helping within the TransContainer for Children charitable programme