Integrated Business Model

High-revenue logistics solutions based on synergy of own transport assets with the assets of Delo Group

Our competitive advantages

  • The largest container fleet in Russia, which accounts for 21% of all container traffic within the Russian Railways network
  • Terminal infrastructure and vehicle fleet providing comprehensive services within the framework of TransContainer’s offer to the market
  • Effective management of our large-scale business is carried out with the use of modern digital technologies. We are constantly improving our IT systems
  • The largest fleet of rolling stock - 39% of the entire fleet in operation within the Russian Railways network
  • Branches and terminals at all 16 railways of the Russian Railways network, representative offices and subsidiaries in 10 countries, including: China, South Korea, Austria, Slovakia and Belarus
  • Active development of niche markets with their own specifics: transportation of petrochemicals in tank containers, bulk cargo in open top containers



  • Scale and leadership

    For shareholders

    • Staying the largest container operator in Russia and CIS
    • Taking advantage of the network scale of the business
    • Economic growth potential in Asia
  • Services and quality

    For clients

    • Improving the service quality continuously
    • Promoting containerisation by offering new products and services
    • Becoming preferable supplier for clients
    • Developing digital technologies
  • Effeciency

    For employees

    • Optimising the asset structure
    • Enhancing asset use efficiency
    • Increasing the labour productivity
    • Improving management efficiency
    • Effective cost monitoring
  • Social responsibility

    For the community

    • Promote economic development by ensuring nation-wide accessibility to high-quality transport services
    • Support corporate social responsibility