The Company’s Position in the Industry

In 2020, the Company reaffirmed its leadership in the domestic railway container transportation market supplying flatcars and containers to its customers.

The Company performs transportation using its own rolling stock, agency rolling stock or third-party rolling stock.

Transportation operated by the Company includes container shipments by own rolling stock, container shipments by the agency rolling stock, and container shipments by the third-party rolling stock.

The Company’s Share of Total Container Traffic in the Russian Railways Network by Traffic Type (%)
2019 2020
Item PJSC TransContainer Other operators PJSC TransContainer Other operators
Domestic 45.0 55.0 44.6 55.4
Export 40.8 59.2 44.6 55.4
Import 40.6 59.4 43.9 56.1
Transit 28.9 71.1 22.9 77.1
All routes 41.1 58.9 41.5 58.5

Sources: Russian Railways, Company data