KPI Trends

Financial Indicators

Revenue (RUB mln)
103,497 RUB mln
Adjusted revenue (RUB mln)
40,776 RUB mln
22,645 RUB mln
Net profit (RUB mln)
12,659 RUB mln

Corporate Responsibility Indicators

Staff training and development costs (RUB mln)
6.3 RUB mln
Expenses for social programmes under the Collective Agreement (RUB mln)
170.9 RUB mln

Operating Performance

Domestic and international transportation volumes controlled by the Company (‘000 TEU)
2,405 ‘000 TEU
Market share in terms of transportation volume controlled by the Company (%)
41 %
Handling volumes at container |terminals (with subsidiaries) (‘000 TEU)
1,574 ‘000 TEU
Share of terminal handling (%)
15 %
Health and safety expenses (RUB mln)
51.8 RUB mln
Charity expenses (RUB mln)
292.5 RUB mln